It’s New Year’s Day. Happy New Year to all. With this day many have their eyes set on improvements. Some pedestrian, some spiritual and then there’s always all of that weight to be lost, love to be found, habits to be curtailed, exercise to begin, etc., etc.

45% of Americans make resolutions. I think it is fair to say that at least 45% of people therefore have aspects of themselves they definitely want to change.

It is estimated that only 8% of people actually keep their resolutions. IMHO those poor results are most likely attributed to the near impossibility of changing so many aspects of who you are – all at once. The desire is there and the momentum of New Years provides the motivation. However, taking on too large a list of change generally results in no change at all.

However, it would be wise to break New Year’s resolutions down into bite-sized achievements. If you want to get in shape – start tomorrow by just moving more. The next day walk around the block. Keep track of your activity and try to increase your weekly average by 10% each week. DO NOT LET ENTHUSIASM LEAD TO INJURY. Otherwise, it’s a long way to the next New Year. Feather in other desired resolutions after you’ve built some success in another. Nothing breeds success like success.

Each day is a new beginning. Phase in changes in a more measured and achievable style and rhythm. Each day brings a new day, a clean slate, and a fresh breeze.

Plotting a wise course over the sea of change would be the best resolution this New Year.
If you want to achieve your resolutions – give yourself a fighting chance – give yourself smaller daily resolutions in service of your larger makeover. Make ready and gently set sail to the new you.

And keep in mind: Every Day is the Beginning of a New Year.